FileMaker Pro 11.0 Advanced Upgrade Mac/Win

Product Description

Advanced development and customisation tools

FileMaker Pro 11.0 Advanced includes all the features in FileMaker Pro 1.0 plus a suite of advanced development and customisation tools. Design and develop more powerful and flexible database applications for yourself and your group! If youre using FileMaker Pro, youll appreciate all the great benefits of FileMaker Pro 11.0 Advanced.

Chart a whole new course for your data
  • FileMaker Pro 11.0 Advanced comes with brand new features to help you create eye-catching reports, boost your productivity and build better databases. Create eye-catching reports with FileMaker Charts using bar, line, area and pie charting styles. Make reports in a familiar spreadsheet-like format, or build customised reports with the improved Layout/Report Assistant.
  • Set up Recurring Imports with your Excel or text files. Plus save your data as Snapshot Links to create personal reports or collaborate with other.
  • Boost your productivity every day with new tools to help you build and use your databases more easily including Quick Find, Inspector, Object Badges, improved Quick Start Screen a new Invoice Starter Solution, and text highlighting.
  • Build better databases faster with new features for the more experienced developer such as Layout Folders, Portal Filtering, scripting enhancements, file security and variables in find requests and merge fields

    Design and develop databases faster and easier
  • Customise your database application even more by renaming, adding, or deleting menu and toolbar items with Custom Menus. Create standalone, runtime applications that dont require users to have FileMaker Pro.

    Debug and troubleshoot more efficiently
  • Pinpoint problem areas by reviewing scripts step-by-step in the Script Debugger. Monitor fields, variables, expressions and even test calculation formulas with the Data Viewer, as well as temporarily disable script steps to test portions of your scripts.

    Modify and maintain with ease
    Update databases faster by importing multiple tables or by using copy/paste to move fields, tables, scripts and script steps. Get comprehensive information on database schema and options, like fields, Web Viewers, layouts, Custom Menus and more with the Database Design Report.

    The Top Features in FileMaker Pro 11.0 Advanced
  • New! Enhanced Custom Menu User Interface - Use a streamlined new interface to customise menus for executing your scripts. Rename, add, or delete menu items or replace entire menus with your custom choices for a completely tailored solution.
  • New! Custom Function Enhancements - Copy, paste, and import custom functions into your databases without having to re-key information.
  • New! Improved Script Debugger -Debug scripts attached to buttons and Custom Menus along with all the scripts on your layout.

  • Multiple Table Import - Build or modify databases faster by importing multiple tables at once.
  • Data Viewer - Monitor fields, variables and calculations while troubleshooting.
  • Runtime Maker -Create standalone runtime solutions that dont require FileMaker Pro.
  • Kiosk Maker -Build applications where all menus are hidden.
  • External Function Plug-in API - Build more robust calculations and extend database capabilities.
  • Database Design Report - Run comprehensive reports on all elements of the database schema.

    System Specifications

    Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium
    1 GHz or faster, 1 GB RAM, DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver, DVD drive.

    Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, Home Premium (Service Pack 2)
    1 GHz or faster, 1 GB of RAM, 1024x768 or higher resolution video adapter and display, DVD drive.

    Windows XP Professional, Home Edition (Service Pack 3)
    Pentium III 700MHz or faster, 256 MB of RAM, 1024x768 or higher resolution video adapter and display, DVD drive.

    Mac OS X v10.6
    Intel-based Mac, 1 GB of RAM, DVD drive.

    Mac OS X 10.5.7
    PowerPC G4 (867MHz+), Power PC G5, Intel-based Mac, 512 MB of RAM, DVD drive.