Livescribe Echo Smartpen 8GB

Product Description

The Echo smartpen captures everything consumers hear and write and provides quick and accurate access to important information by simply tapping on the written notes either directly on paper or on a computer using the Livescribe Desktop software.

Echo features a sleek ergonomic design with a rubberized grip and anti-roll surface. It is available in 4GB and 8GB models, recording approximately 400 and 800 hours respectively. This new smartpen also features industry-standard connectors, micro-USB and 3.5 mm audio jack, to enable customers to use their favorite ear buds for private listening as well as share common USB cables with other mobile devices.

Record Everything, and Play it Back

While you're writing, your smartpen is remembering-linking everything you hear to everything your write. Later, simply tap on your notes to replay the recording. Now you can find and get what you need, instantly, with a tap.

Safe, Organized, and Searchable Notes

Livescribe Desktop allows you to save, search and play back notes and recordings on your computer. You can also organize, manage and export your notes and audio.

Send and Share Your Notes

Share your notes and recordings privately or with the world. Export your notes as a PDF, an audio file or as interactive Flash movies called pencasts. Embed pencasts on a blog, website, Facebook or the Livescribe Community.

Do More with Apps

Learning a language? Need study help? Like music? Need to save time? Customize your smartpen with games, reference guides and productivity tools to help you do more with your smartpen.


  • Microphone - Capture your meetings or lectures with crisp clear sound.
  • Bulit-in Speaker - Builtin speaker produces rich full sound to play back your recorded audio.
  • Audio Jack - Standard 3.5mm jack fits your own earphones or the Echo 3D Recording Premium Headset to enable binaural recording.
  • OLED Display - Highcontrast OLED display makes it easy to navigate smartpen apps.
  • Memory Storage - Holds 400 or 800 hours of recorded audio. (4GB and 8GB models available).
  • Micro-USB Connector - Transfers notes and audio to your computer and recharges your smartpen using a standard cable connection.
  • Soft Rubber Grip - The new ergonomic design and soft rubber grip provide comfort while writing.
  • Replaceable Ink Tip - Simply remove the ink cartridge with your fingers and insert a new one.