Apogee GiO - Guitar Adaptor for Mac

Product Description

The best way to plug your guitar into your Mac

The Apogee GiO is the complete guitar interface and software control pedalboard for Apple's Logic Studio 9, MainStage 2 and GarageBand 11. Combining effects control, recording functions and legendary Apogee sound quality, GiO delivers total access to incredible sounding guitar amps and effects in a single foot controller and professional audio interface.

Plug and Play and Rock with GiO and GarageBand '11

The new GarageBand '11 in Apple's iLife, features 12 classic amps and 15 stompboxes and offers an amazing range of guitar tone and variety to your Mac. GiO delivers your guitar signal to and from these amps and effects with uncompromised quality.

With GarageBand '11 and GarageBand '09, GiO lets users quickly connect their guitar, select and control built-in amps and stompboxes, and record. GiO's control panel is integrated into GarageBand and lets you easily make input and output adjustments to dial in level and volume.