VPN Tracker 6 Professional 100+ Licenses

Product Description

VPN Tracker is the one stop VPN client for any and all Mac-users needing to connect and stay organized while on-the-go or working remotely.

Secure Desktop offers the ability to bring together all the applications, file servers and the other data the user needs most to one central location. Create and export customized Secure Desktops for your users and put the files and applications right where they need to be.

VPN Tracker has device profiles for over 300 IPsec VPN Gateways and supports automatic configuration standards including: Mode Config, Simple Client Provisioning and more.

With support for the latest security standards, hash algorithms and authentication methods, VPN Tracker will keep your users information secure.

Share your secure connection with your Windows virtual machine  access SAP applications, check email and appointments using Outlook or open Access databases. Compatible with Snow Leopard 64 bit mode.


  • Secure Desktop
  • Compatible with over 300 IPsec VPN gateways
  • Compatible with Leopard and Snow Leopard
  • Improved rekeying and automatic DHCP lease renewal
  • Able to share secure connections with Windows virtual machine
  • Strong encryption support (AES-192, AES-256)
  • Supports Mode Config, SonicWall Simple Client Provisioning and other automatic configuration standards
  • Users/administrators can easily create, export and deploy connections


  • Mac OS X
  • Snow Leopard